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Sunless Tanning At Home

Sunless tanning is the only safe way to achieve the perfect tan you want. They can be used year round or just for a holiday or vacation. You can achieve a beautiful artificial tan at home or visit a salon or spa for a session in a sunless tanning booth. A benefit of self tanning…

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Sun Tanning Protects The Skin

Several medical studies have proved that tanning is beneficial to the human body. The major benefit is the strengthening of the bones. That is, the absorbed ultraviolet radiation activates substances in the skin the much needed vitamin D, and vitamin D is important in making the bones tough. There is, however, another documented benefit of…

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Sun Tanning And Anti Aging

People enjoy the relaxing experience of tanning. And they also love its result, a fabulous bronzed skin. But exposure to the ultraviolet radiation, whether from outdoors or from tanning beds, will cause the skin to age considerably. The tanning process takes away skin oils that make the skin elastic and young. Tanning can lead to…

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