Diet for Underactive Thyroid

The Natural Thyroid Diet

Who has the best diet plan?

After searching around the book that was one of the most popular and has good customers reviews is The Natural Thyroid Diet. It was written by Louise O’Connor a naturopath and wellness coach.

What is in this book?

  • A 4 week diet plan with foods that support a healthy thyroid system
  • Foods that help and foods that hurt your system
  • How to prepare easy and delicious foods for your condition
  • Why some soy foods are bad for you
  • Learn how to reverse T3 dominance
  • How to interpret your test results
  • How to raise your metabolism
  • Find out the underlying causes of your problem
  • How to raise energy levels

Are there any negatives to this book?

It is not a mircale cure, but a way to help out your current condition.
What are customers saying about this plan?

“I’ve lost more then 8.3 pounds by just following some simple steps outlined in the four week diet plan!” Jessica W.


I think with this books popularity and it’s low price it is definitely worth the money. Getting as much information as possible is always good thing to keep yourself healthy.

Thyroid Wellness Diet