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At first glance you may be asking, what is a baby newspaper? A baby newspaper is a special keepsake birth announcement that is set up to read and looks like a newspaper. This is a fun and unique gift for a mother to be, new parents or as a birthday gift for an older child. It is a way to commemorate the birth of someone dear. This is a gift that is purchased by parents, friends and relatives.

Newspaper Information

A baby newspaper includes the child’s name as the headline, the option of placing a photo on the newspaper and the real headlines of the birthday. Weather conditions; hit TV programs, top toys and more. This is a special way for someone to look back in the future at the day they were born. You will see how the world around them has changed and to see where you have come.

Business Tools

In order to begin a baby newspaper home business you will need a computer, a printer and an Internet connection. You will want to create a domain name and create a website for your services/ products. A basic website costs $10.00 per month. This fee is easily paid back to you with profit attached.

Other Newspaper Events

You can create announcements and newspapers for other events as well. Graduations, weddings and over the hill birthday celebrations can all be fun to announce in this special way. People of all ages, races and cultures can enjoy this special keepsake. This job requires no degree, only effort and creativity.


You can charge a special price for announcements that are framed and you can price announcements according to the details included in the paper. If the colors are chosen to be specific for the child’s room a price may be more a simple pink or blue theme. Advertising online can be a great tool. Using keyword density on your website will allow solid traffic flow to your site. Be sure to have some clear examples of your product on the site for customers to view.

Related Product Sales

Not only can you create these keepsake announcements but you can also include candy wrappers for special occasions. You type up and event date and title with the event details to be passed out at reunions or weddings. This is a special treat and is very popular with customers. It’s simple to create, print, wrap the candy bar and ship out to the customers address. This is a great product to offer alongside of the announcement newspapers.

Your Own Home Business

If you don’t mind a little daily news research and a small amount of typing, then you could be on your way to a thriving home business. It’s simple, fun and can make a substantial amount of income. Give it some thought and prepare to be your own baby newspaper editor. You can work when you want and enjoy a relaxing home-based atmosphere as you earn money for yourself and your family, while making a special memento for your customers to cherish.

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