Anxiety Over Flying What is Anxiety Disorder Anyway

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The holidays are here again; everyone is looking forward to buying those tickets to fly home. For most people there is one reason here to be anxious: excessive closeness and forced gaiety with not-so-close family. There is a stronger source of anxiety for some people in ddition though: the very act of flying out to get to the family makes them anxious. Anxiety over flying is a specific well-recognized problem. You’ve seen all those air sickness bags in the seat pockets on airplanes? Many of them are used by people who throw up out of anxiety over flying. This kind of phobia is an extreme form of the ordinary anxiety disorders that people face. Anxiety disorders affect about one in five of all people in America today. What is anxiety disorder, this thing that can take so much away from the lives of people?

Anxiety disorders didn’t come to be recognized for what they were up until a century ago. A person with a generalized anxiety disorder, just feels a vague anxiety over how matters are not right. People who have a fear of flying, just feel extremely distressed around airplanes – not because they feel anything is about to happen, but only because the whole circumstance gives them the creeps. Often, educating people who suffer this way to explain to them what is anxiety disorder is enough to help them; sometimes medication or psychiatric talk therapy helps. Anxiety over flying, often responds well to benzodiazepines. These drugs however help with anxiety before flying, and often not during flight.

The very fact that you’re often anxious about something is no proof that you have a disorder; the details of what actually happens day-to-day, judgment of what constitutes a disorder and what doesn’t, are areas where professional opinion is often called for. A doctor, after educating you on what is anxiety disorder. will often set before you a series of questions, a questionnaire, and give you a physical exam to determine if you have an actual disorder. Prozac, Valium and Zoloft are very popular drugs around the world, in part for their efficacy in anxiety-provoking situations. Part of the reason why medication is often not preferred for the treatment of anxiety disorders is that these are often intermittent problems. These medicines is taken interminably can often cause more anxiety than to take away.

Perhaps the main problem with anxiety disorders today is how often people do not seek treatment for it, because they’re not aware of what is anxiety disorder. The anxiety just becomes a part of the background noise of their lives, making them distracted, unable to really concentrate or enjoy their lives. Apart from the regular high-strength psychiatric medicines and talk therapy, there are some herbal cures too, such as passionflower, and kava. The latter is very effective of course, but is banned in Europe for its potential to hurt the liver. Passion flower is much better though, in really helping you calm down. It is a shame that people don’t deal with anxiety disorders as early as possible; psychiatrists report that such people are just instinctively pushed towards drink more often than they otherwise might, wondering why they are vaguely anxious all the time; if only they knew.

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