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Diet And Lifestyle May Be Causing Your Anxiety

Physicians are seeing a surge in the number of patients they treat for anxiety. The emotional and mental strain of chronic anxiety often manifest themselves in very real physical symptoms and even illness. People suffering from anxiety tend to feel guilty, weak, and often hopeless. Anxiety needs to be treated, but treatment does not necessarily…

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Anxiety Over Flying What is Anxiety Disorder Anyway

The holidays are here again; everyone is looking forward to buying those tickets to fly home. For most people there is one reason here to be anxious: excessive closeness and forced gaiety with not-so-close family. There is a stronger source of anxiety for some people in ddition though: the very act of flying out to…

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What is Social Anxiety Disorder

Do you have intense feelings of discomfort and fear when in social situations? You may have social anxiety disorder. Social anxiety disorder affects millions of people around the world and varies greatly from person to person. However, it is important to know that if you find social settings unbearable, you can get help. A doctor…

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