Depression: Determine the Cause to Select a Treatment

Beat Depression

Why you are depressed can help you figure out what sort of treatment you need to seek. On top of that, it allows you to know what started it which can help your mental state improve. The causes below are not comprehensive, but can help you get started on determining what happened to make you so sad.

A major traumatic event can easily kick start a dive into depression. For example, losing one of your parents early in life can set a seed which grows into full blown mental illness if you don’t seek therapy at the time. Sexual abuse often leads to mental illness, as does post traumatic stress disorder. When something horrific has happened to you, seek out help from a licensed professional.

Eating habits are another cause which can lead you to be unhealthy of mind and body. If you aren’t giving your body the nutrients it needs to operate correctly, your brain will not allow you to be in the best mood. This is one of the simplest things to change in your life, so no matter what you think may have cause your disease, try eating healthier and see what happens.

Stress can also trigger depression, especially if you find you feel down only sometimes. The key to beating this cause is releasing your anxiety. This can be done through a hobby you adore, allowing you to stay busy and keep your mind off your problems. Exercise is also a huge help when it comes to dealing with stress-related depression. Relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and yoga can also provide you with some relief.

Even some prescription medications can trigger depression or make it worse. From antibiotics to antipsychotics, a variety of drugs can affect your brain chemistry. Talk to your doctor about any pills you are currently taking and ask if they could be the cause of your illness. He can give you alternate drugs which may alleviate your symptoms and leave you feeling great.

When you don’t have a good support group around you, you may find that you become lonely and depression sets in. Try to stay close to friends and family who you love, if possible. If you end up in a location where you can’t meet with them in person, use computer video chat to be able to stay in touch. Remember that they are always as close as a call away, and whenever you need to hear their voice, reach out to them. You can send a text message, make a phone call or even send an email. Chat with them on Facebook for an instant pick me up!

It isn’t easy to deal with depression, especially when it is at its worst. Most people just pretend it isn’t happening and try to ignore it. Instead, determine the cause of your issues and start to take the steps necessary to fix the situation. The worst that can happen is that nothing works, while the best that can happen is finding a solution.

End Your Depression