Five Beauty Ideas You Never Dreamed Of

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There are people all over the world that make a living by telling others how to look good. While there is a lot of useful information out there, many times the information is the same from person to person. If you want to think a little outside of the box when it comes to beauty, you should pay close attention to the following tips.

When you are going to a hair coloring appointment, you should go with a fresh face. Leave all of the extra makeup at home. This is especially true if you don’t wear makeup on most occasions. A stylist tries to give you a color to match your complexion. This would be quite hard for someone to do if they cannot see underneath a ton of makeup.

If you are going to a salon you have never been to, ask if you can have a junior stylist do your hair. While they have a bit less experience, they can do all of the same things as a more seasoned stylist. The best part is that a junior stylist usually charges a bit less than others. This is because they are new and they have not had a lot of opportunities to prove themselves.

If you mess up your mascara, dab it off with a cotton swab. Never attempt to pot foundation or concealer over it. All this will do is make your face look darker in some spots than it does in others. A cotton swab is a lot more precise, but you will have to be careful. You don’t want to risk smearing things even more.

Clean your cell phone on a regular basis. Now you are probably wondering what this has to do with beauty, but it actually makes a huge difference. You place your face up to the phone when you make calls, which means oils and dirt from the phone will be transferred to your face. Cleaning your phone with antiseptic wipes is a great way to remove anything that may harm the skin. You will be able to make all of the calls you want with no worries.

Going out for drink with your friends can be fun, but it can do a number on your lips. If you are planning on drinking lots of alcohol, you should reapply lip balm several times during the night. Alcohol will leave your lips crackly and dry, so you have to do this in order to combat it. You would also worry less about your lips getting damaged if you drank your beverages through a straw.

There are so many beauty tips out there that no one person could tell you everything. While there is a lot more advice out there, you will not find any as useful as the information you read above. You may think that all of these things seem a bit strange, but they actually work. Try them all and you will see how much better you are at being a true beauty.

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