How To Stay Beautiful Even On Hot Days Or During Hot Flashes

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It can be hard to keep your makeup on and your hair looking good in the summer time. Sweating is just not conducive to beauty. Likewise, if you are middle aged and suffering from hot flashes, it can be very hard to hold your look together all day long. In this article we will discuss some ways to deal with excessive perspiration. Read on to learn how you can keep your cool no matter what the temperature.

If your makeup is going to slide off anyway, simply keep it to a minimum. Instead of covering your flaws, try improving your diet and taking extra good care of your skin so that it will always look its best. Indulge in having your eyelashes dyed once a month and, if you need to, have your eyebrows tattooed to fill in empty spots. Having eyeliner tattooed on also saves lots of time and helps you look well made up even when you are drenched in sweat.

On occasions when you do use makeup, be sure to use oil free makeup and follow it up with a light dusting of facial powder to absorb moisture. Carry a compact of powder in your purse for touch ups. Avoid wearing heavy makeup or dark colors in eye shadows because these will tend to look dreadful if you perspire heavily and they begin to run.

If your face tends to sweat a lot, be sure to keep a good supply of makeup brushes and powder puffs so that you will always have a clean, fresh one to use. When your makeup applicators pick up moisture, they are more likely to harbor bacteria. This can cause your face to break out badly.

Carry a clean bandana or hanky to wipe your fevered brow when it gets too hot. You could also carry a small spray bottle of cool water to mist yourself and help you cool off. A small personal fan is also helpful. You could go high tech and get something battery operated or simply pick up an old fashioned folding fan to carry in your purse.

Be careful to dress in cool, comfortable clothing in hot weather or if you are prone to hot flashes. In summer, wear loose weave cotton clothing with a lightweight tank top or presentable sports bra underneath in case of extreme heat. If your overheating is caused by hot flashes, dress in light layers in the wintertime so that you can decently shed your clothing if you need to!

No matter what your beauty challenge, it goes without saying that good sleep will help you stay beautiful. Unfortunately, night sweats can cause major sleep disturbance. To avoid being too uncomfortable at night and having to change bedding because of night sweats, try sleeping on a 100% cotton beach towel. Keep a couple of extra ones at your bedside to switch out if you need to. You can lay a towel over your pillow as well and keep a hand towel nearby to wipe your brow. These precautions can really help you get mostly undisturbed sleep.

High temperatures can cause major challenges to beauty, no matter what the cause. Follow the tips presented here to keep your cool and look your best no matter how hot you are!

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