Your Makeup Bag: What You Need to Know

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All women carry a makeup bag, and that little bag of essentials goes everywhere with her. However, knowing the kinds of products you need can be difficult, particularly because you don’t want to walk around with a bunch of outdated products that can cause acne and infections. This article contains tips about what you need to know in order to have a makeup bag that works for your lifestyle and contains products that safely enhance your skin.

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you throw out old sponges, brushes and applicators. When you buy a lot of different face powders, blushes and shadows, they often come with applicators. After a while, they become overused and trap bacteria in them. Make sure that you toss them out after about a month.

In fact, you may choose not to use the brand applicators and brushes at all. Think seriously about buying your own set of makeup brushes and sponges. These items are typically better at applying product in the first place, and are made to use over and over again. Then you can wash the brushes on a regular basis and use fresher sponges for your foundations and facial powders.

Examine the products that you need to keep yourself looking good. A good makeup bag will include primer, foundation, moisturizer, finishing powder, mascara, eye shadow, blush, concealer and lip gloss or lipstick. You don’t need to always use the items that you have in your bag, but those are the basic products that need to be included in order to give your face a finished, professional look.

In order to decrease your chances of getting an infection from your eye makeup, make sure that you notice any expiration dates. You may not think that your eye makeup expires, but some do. If you don’t see an expiration date, rotate your eye makeup every three months or so.

Be certain that you wash the makeup bag itself. A lot of people are diligent about the makeup they put on their face, but pay no attention to the actual bag itself. Make sure to wash it every few weeks.

Make sure you take your makeup off properly at night. While makeup remover isn’t technically a part of the makeup bag, no makeup regime is complete without discussion of how you can take your makeup off. Regular soap and water is god, but it can be drying. You may instead opt for cold cream, or perhaps those facial wipes that companies are coming out with.

Now that you have read all the tips here, you can hopefully start filling your makeup bag with the right kinds of products. This can be something that helps you apply your makeup more quickly in the morning, and it can also help the entire process to be much more effective. Use the tips you learned here to make sure that you are always using products that aren’t expired and bad for your face.

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