How to Drop Ship

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Have you ever been driving down the road and seen a bunch of large warehouse looking buildings Perhaps this is the industrial section of your community. More than likely these buildings that you see are used by drop shippers and other companies. These building are not opened to the general public for the most part. They house wholesale merchandise that is ordered by retail businesses for retail sales.

These buildings are scattered all over and they fill dropship orders. The first thing you must do is to find a company that will drop ship for you. Find out what the guidelines for the company are before you agree to do business with them. Once you have decided which company you are going to use and the merchandise you plan to sell you are ready to pick the venue you plan to use to get customers. Drop shipping is very easy and convenient.

Most businesses that use this method of delivery seem to be very pleased. After you have collected the money for the merchandise from the customer, send the wholesale cost of the merchandise to your dropshipper; along with the money send the information as specified by the guidelines from the company. The drop shipper will then send the merchandise directly to the customer. That is all there is to. It is a very simple process; once you have worked with the company and established guidelines that you will adhere to in the processing of each order. If you don’t already know how to dropship you will find it a very easy process, and a convenient way to get merchandise to your customers. When you begin to get orders you will find that it is of uttermost importance that you keep good records of all transactions. You will need to keep a record of all orders if you have a copy machine it is advisable that you make a copy of all of your orders. Of course you will have a copy on your computer but sometimes as we know computers go down and you need a backup copy so keep a hard copy or paper copy of all orders. Organize your files in alphabetical order or what ever way you choose. For your dropshipping records, you need to keep them in a file cabinet for future references.

Make sure these files are accessible so if you have a drop ship inquiry from a customer you can quickly and efficiently retrieve the file. Many times a customer will e-mail you concerning a drop ship order that has not arrived. Check with your drop ship provider before returning a call or an e-mail. If an order that you dropship is damaged, it is better to satisfy that customer if it all possible to the customer’s satisfaction. In other words take the loss and keep the customer. In the long run drop shipping can be fun and rewarding. Keep an eye out for new merchandise that you can drop ship. You just may want to increase your business by adding another drop ship company to your list. Keep abreast of the market so you will know the hot items on the market. Find a supplier and add to your drop ship inventory.

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