Why Use Drop Ship Products

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Today we have the whole wide world at our finger tips to select products that we want to have drop shipped to the consumers. Major brands offer their products for an online virtual storefront hosting the website for you and providing the drop shipping.

The quest is not so much selecting a product but selecting “the” product. First take a look at the company that you plan to use for some of the following characterizes:

  • Look at the over all ranking of this drop ship company in comparison to other reliable companies.
  • You should be able to buy directly from the drop shipper at drop ship prices.
  • Depending on the specific product, can you get a free trial or a demo?
  • You should be able to access the product without too much difficulty.
  • The company should be a Member of the BBB in good standing.
  • You should be able to get the BBB Status and Rating information.
  • Does this company offer a sound support desk and support forum.
  • Are you able to get into a support knowledge base for quick answers?
  • You should be able to contact the drop shipper directly.
  • The drop shipper should be upfront about what percentage the product is marked up.
  • A very important part of the product business line is that the drop shipper ships with your name and address.
  • Remember if you use your credit card, you will pay out more but if you can use Papal, it will save both you and your customer.
  • The affiliate program is a needed tool that will increase your business.
  • Information is the key to most all-successful business so make sure they do offer some educational tools.
  • Finally find out how long they have been in business and how reliable are they.

Now that you have some good information on what to look for when you are trying to set up your drop shipper to supply you with products let us take a look at some of the best noted companies. The following companies can be found on different search engines.

The first drop ship company that offers all the things one needs to be successful is www.usellcorp.com . Usellcorp has a full review and offers all of the above-mentioned qualifications. They also have a huge amount of merchandise to offer you. Usell Corp has been in business since 1995 so they have been around long enough to formulate a good reputation.

The second recommended drop ship company with full review is www.worldwidebrands.com This Company offers name brand items at wholesale prices. They ship from all around the world so if you like to diversify and use a variety of goods this would be a great company for you. Worldwide Brands has been in business since 1999 an outstanding member of the BBB, which is an excellent place for you to begin your inquiries.

The third formable company is www.truedropshippers.com, which carries an excellent record as well. Just like the other companies, you can check out their policies and their record before you decide to use one of them. Many times these companies will send you a catalog or have one available for you to access on line. You should most certainly check different web sites to find out what are the best products with a good turn over and a great profit margin. True Drop shippers is one of the newer companies beginning in 2003 but have so far showed their importance in the market place. There are other companies that are acceptable but the review is not quite as high as the above three major companies. It is not to say that they would not fit your needs and are worth your while to check them out. Let us recommend to you companies like Doba, DSDI, Drop ship Design, and Mega Goods for they too have a good reputation.

The product or products you decide to sell are the utmost importance along with having a very good drop shipper that keeps the commitments of all the orders. It takes both in order to maintain your business successfully.

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