Seven Reasons to Switch to Organic Gardening

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So what is the truth right here? Exactly what is organic gardening? Why should you really care?

Let’s take a have a look at just seven compelling reasons to learn more about organic gardening — and why switching to this way of gardening will be better for your garden and your family.

First, organic gardening is really very easy to do because you are using all natural plant foods and fertilizers — in fact you make most of them in your compost pile. Okay, I can definitely your position that you have been gardening your own way for years, you are used to it, and you are very reluctant to change. You probably even have a beautiful garden around your home now. And I agree, you might have a really valid point.

But examine it from this perspective: There are natural organic fertilizers such as compost, earthworm castings and tea that you can use to get the same results — yet they can’t be over-applied, nor will they burn the tender roots of your flowers, herbs or vegetables.

Another thing to think about: Organic gardening is inexpensive. You don’t have to run up huge bills at the nursery or garden center to buy plant food and pesticides.

Second, you will know exactly what you are putting into the soil in your garden and on the surface of your plants. You won’t have to wonder if what you are using is safe to the environment The reason for this is that you are not buying strange chemicals in thick plastic bottles — you are making natural food and fertilizer in your compost bin — or perhaps even in your kitchen.

Third, it is healthier to the environment. Organic gardeners nourish themselves with natural, homegrown fruits, vegetables and herbs. It is good to know that the food you are eating has not been covered in dangerous pesticides.

Fourth, you are protecting your children, who are your most valuable resource. Children spend more time playing outside — so they come in close contact with growing things. Organic gardening takes away the risk of harmful chemicals.

Fifth, organic gardening means huge companies would no longer have to produce dangerous chemicals — and the people that are employed would not have to have to work in a dangerous environment.

Sixth, you are protecting our precious resource of water when you practice organic gardening. Dangerous chemicals will not seep into underground water sources and make their way into our lakes, rivers and streams.

Seventh, your decision will also protect your pets and the animals that live around your home — the birds, squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons, deer and so on. The plants they eat will not contain toxins that can harm or kill them!

When you look at all of the reasons and consider them carefully, you will have to admit that a very convincing case may be made for organic gardening. Perhaps you truly, seriously, should discover more about natural way of making things grow.

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