Five Hair Loss Prevention Tips You Need To Know

Grow Back Your Hair

Many people fear the prospect of losing their hair and go to great lengths to prevent it. In some cases it may be just inevitable, but in many others there are steps you can take that will keep more head on your hair for more years of your life. Check out the following ideas in hair care that will prevent loss.

1. Don’t wait until your hair is falling out. Especially if hair loss runs in your genes, you need to take action while you’ve still got a full head. Talk to your doctor early about medical treatments that would be appropriate for you at this time in your life, and start taking those preventative measures now. Even if you are fortunate enough to never actually experience balding, the good care you take of your hair will still work in your favor.

2. Lead a lifestyle conducive to maintaining health and your hair. Eating well and exercising will help you avert hair loss and may even stop it in process. If you think about hair as an extension of the rest of your body, just like skin or eyes or teeth, you realize it needs vitamins and minerals too. Hair is comprised of proteins, so get plenty of those in your diet, as well as foods high in vitamin B, calcium, iron and zinc. Don’t forget the value of water either.

3. Use natural products. You might be surprised to learn what actually goes into your shampoo and conditioner and will probably be more careful with label reading once you know. Look for basic, uncomplicated ingredients that don’t punish your hair. For more value and convenience, consider homemade concoctions consisting of henna, coconut oil, lemon or other good things you can easily shop for. Pure honey is also great for nourishing and strengthening hair, as is olive oil.

4. Don’t abuse your hair. Tearing through tangles with a comb will rip your hair out and strain the roots. Even gently brushing through hair that is wet will pull it out. Avoid any procedure that is not completely kind to your hair like wearing it too tight, excessive use of heat styling appliances and too much coloring or perming.

5. Take good care of your hair. Hair that is dirty is actually more prone to falling out, because it is more susceptible to infection. Wash your hair regularly with quality products and focus more on the roots and scalp than ends. Consider sunscreen for your hairline and leave-in conditioners that contain strong SPF protection. Preventative care for hair loss is often overlooked, but can go a long way in keeping your hair intact.Be proactive about hair loss and learn all that you can about it.

Speak with a medical professional or hair loss specialist about all the steps you can be taking to keep that gorgeous head of hair you’ve got. The healthier you and your hair are, the longer you will have it and the less of a problem hair loss will be for you.

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