Preventing Hair Loss

Grow Back Your Hair

No one is ever happy to discover that they are losing their hair. Many times hair loss cannot be completely prevented, but with some simple lifestyle changes, you can slow its progress. The longer you keep your hair, the longer you can go without expensive treatments or surgery to hide your hair loss, so read on to learn more.

The first step is to throw out your cheap shampoo. You don’t have to spend big money on “hair regrowth” shampoo, however. These products often give little to no results, so don’t waste your time and money. Instead, spend your effort reading labels. You want to stay away from harsh artificial chemicals. Sodium laurl sulfate in particular is used in most commercially available shampoos and can seriously damage your scalp and hair.

Instead, stick with natural products that will clean your hair and scalp without damaging it. Something that will help dramatically with both your daily life and your hair issues is to reduce your stress level. Too much stress all by itself can cause hair loss, so it can definitely compound a health or genetic problem.

Getting good sleep, reducing daily stressors and using stress management techniques like meditation can make a dramatic impact on your hair loss. You may even be surprised to find your hair getting thicker again if this was a primary cause of your issues.

Diet is another lifestyle change that can help you keep your hair. Your hair needs nutrients to grow healthy and strong, so make sure you eat in order to feed your hair. Be sure to stay hydrated, as you don’t want your scalp to be dry and damaged. Your hair’s health will be reflective of your body’s health, so strengthen your body through making nutritious choices and your hair will become stronger as well.

An unusual place to look when trying to save yourself from hair loss is in how you are styling your hair. Styles that pull on your roots, such as tight ponytails, are going to be a no-go from now on. A good stylist can help you with cuts and styling that will minimize the impact of your receding hair line.

Some may even decide to shave their head to hide their issue. In the end, a good hairpiece is always a viable option. It is up to you to decide whether you want it to look like your natural hair or not, but spend some money and take care of your new piece. Balding is always a more appropriate look than cheap, fake hair.

Make sure to involve your doctor when you find yourself losing your hair. Regardless of whether or not you believe your hair loss may be simply genetic, there are many serious diseases that have hair loss as a symptom. Resolving this underlying issue can allow your hair to grow back without any further effort on your part.Whatever the cause, hair loss is not fun.

If you make the necessary changes you can keep you hair for as long as possible. In many cases, hair loss can actually be reversed by solving the cause. You may also want to try some professional treatments, but remember that results are not guaranteed. It is much cheaper to simply not lose as much hair in the first place.

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