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There are various ways how to learn the German language or any foreign language to say the most. People though prefer to learn in Universities and Colleges. Some even would go on immersion to learn and understand not just the language itself but also the culture, history and people of a foreign land.

Of course immersion is the best and closest way of learning any foreign language because of the exposure a person can get. Also, the native speakers wouldn’t know much how to speak in English either so it is a good practice to learn and speak the lessons as it both happens.

But what if the type of person who wants to learn the German language for example just doesn’t have the time and opportunity at the moment but wants to really learn the language. Then the idea of learning a foreign language at home comes in handy. Aside from getting a certificate from a university, for whatever reasons foreign language is needed, Internet is a good source of learning German and other languages like Spanish, French and Italian.

In fact, learning a different language in addition to one’s first language can be a fun experience but it can become tedious if the chosen language program is not as effective as it’s described. However, in learning the German language, similar to other major foreign languages can be made easier with the aid of memorization techniques. The memorization techniques, during the learning process can be applied directly while the student is doing other tasks or normal daily activities.

One example of a memorization technique useful in learning the German language is the use of picture associations. It would be a lot better if the words in German and English associated are linked to funny or silly stories or scenarios since this method helps the memory retain and recall the silly interpretation.

An example would be the word twelve in English and Zwolf in German. Picture a snow sled filled with twelve wolves being pulled by its owner. The scenario is strange enough to be remembered. So the picture itself immediately sticks in the memory followed by the words twelve and its German equivalent zwolf.

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