Why You Should Learn German In Germany

Rocket German!

Learning German in Germany is the best way to dwell into the learning experience. And if you are living in a country where most of the people around you are native speakers of that language, it is natural that you adapt the same in few days. You may consider yourself lucky enough to live in Germany and observe the disciplined life of Germans & their diverse culture. The following are few points to remember based on my personal experience.

Be Restless!

Get the most out of your stay in Germany. In addition to your visit to historical places and ‘beer’ festival, start roaming around the very locals of the place. Interaction with the locals will give you more exposure to the diversity of their language. Sometimes, you may find some pure German words and phrases that are very specific to Germany. Fundamentally it depends on the purpose of you visit. A traveler’s visit helps you to interact more then just a business visit that keeps you busy all the time. But still, Germany is a place of weekends, where you will find every German having beer or dancing in a Salsa bar!

Make Friends!

Once you start interacting with people around you, you might find a good friend. He or she will then help you cover your German learning curve steeply. Visiting public places like bars during weekends is a good idea to meet people more closely and find your self a good friend or a group!

Be Graceful!

Make sure your intention is not wrong or to hurt anyone’ feelings. Whenever one start learning a foreign language he or she misses some ethical details of the lingo, so if that happens to you, don’t forget to apologize and admit! After you develop an adaptable attitude of learning German language in Germany, you will be accepted within the German community to help you absorb more!

Do your homework!

Carry with you a set of those pocket phrase books and dictionary. Make sure you read them, before you step on to the German lands, as you will require at least asking for directions and hiring a taxi phrases. Other useful words and phrases will help you while shopping, buying clothes, and bargaining, buying food and snacks in a restaurant or a bar etc. Reading short stories, comics and the books that allows you to relate with English easily is another good option to learn German.

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