Learning Portuguese for Business

Learn Portuguese

If you are planning to work in Portugal or any of the other countries where Portuguese is spoken then it can only be to your advantage to learn as much of the language as possible. Crash courses are available both in the form of a physical tutor and class or as an online mentoring scheme. Not only will a basic knowledge of Portuguese improve your chances of obtaining work in the first instance but having an additional language on your CV will impress any employer.

Depending on the type of work you plan on doing you may need to tailor your Portuguese vocabulary to help you get a real feel and understanding for the nature of the job. Learning all about touristy things is all very well but if your work pertains to the business and finance world then you’ll need to know all the relevant terms and vocabulary in order to understand what is being said.

By taking some private lessons in Portuguese you will be able to really focus on the type of vocabulary you need to know. You can also practice with a tutor and work on your accent. Of course the best way to improve your language skills is to actually spend some time in the Portuguese community. Using books that have references to the type of work you will be doing and relate to the nature of the job will be highly beneficial and most of these you can find online or in good book stores.

It is all too easy to sit back and expect the rest of the world to know how to speak English but by being able to speak Portuguese yourself, you will not only impress but also help yourself in both your conversation skills and also cultural knowledge by overcoming those tricky language barriers.

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