Reasons to Learn Brazilian Portuguese

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One of the amazing aspects of language is how it’s spoken differently in different countries. For example, compare English spoken in England compared to how English is spoken in the United States. This doesn’t include the fact that in England alone there are many different accents from Scouser to Cockney, Mancunian to Geordie…among others like the Scottish accent etc.

The same thing applies when you talk about Portuguese spoken in Portugal compared to spoken in Brazil. Brazil is an up-and-coming country in respect to the fact more and more people are considering either visiting Brazil or know about it in some ways (think athletes such as football players, mixed martial artists, etc.). In the 16th century, Portuguese settlers brought the language to the country which then became the official language 200 years later.

The interesting aspect to Brazilian Portuguese, at least when it comes to grammar and the written language, is that it is very similar to European Portuguese. However, when it comes to everyday conversational Portuguese, it can be quite different. Therefore, depending on how much you want or need to learn Brazilian Portuguese, the best methods usually involve either A) learning IN Brazil where you are among those who speak it everyday, B) Learning from a Brazilian friend or friends who can teach you how to speak it on a conversational level, or C) Learn from a set of educational discs that you can listen to at your leisure.

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