Why Learn Portuguese?

Learn Portuguese

Portuguese is a beautiful language that is spoken in ten different countries worldwide. It is the fastest growing language in Europe after English and was brought over to Brazil from Portugal. The Brazilian dialect differs from that of Portugal as it has been affected by several other languages and unlike the Portuguese from Portugal its grammatical structure is much less complex.

Given that Portuguese is spoken across four continents it is therefore a great language to learn if you are keen to travel and learn more about other cultures. There is nothing more rewarding that being able to converse with the natives and what is more make yourself completely understood. One of the rewards of learning a foreign language is being able to put into practice that what you have learnt and the best way to do this is to travel to a country where the language is spoken.

Many people often mistake Portuguese as a variation or dialect of Spanish but this couldn’t be more wrong. When heard Portuguese has quite a different tone which can make its pronunciation quite challenging. The best learning method if you plan to teach yourself, is to make sure you have plenty of audio references so that you can learn from the get go the fundamental sounds which form this beautiful language.

There are many ways to learn Portuguese and these range from in a classroom, online or simply by following a teach yourself audio book. Whichever way to opt for you can be sure that you will enjoy learning this romantic language which opens up a whole new world of history and cultural delights.

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