Tips on Marketing By Using SMS Messaging

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Like all methods of marketing, there is a right way and a wrong way to use SMS marketing. Follow the tips in the following article to figure out how to use a successful SMS marketing plan.

People hate emails that appear to be sent by robots and they hate text messages that appear this way even more. Try to include as much of a personal touch as possible in your SMS message. This personal touch will make the recipient feel like they are wanted and the advertisement is more likely to be successful. Do not just send out mass generic text messages.

All prospective customers love it when they feel like they are getting a great deal. You should periodically offer discounts or other types of specials to your potential customers via text message. If people think they can save money by signing up for your list they are much more likely to do so. Otherwise they might not feel like it is really worth it to sign up for a list that allows them to be bombarded with text messages.

People live in this now, with some exceptions they do not really care about events that happened ten years ago. Use this to your advantage. Include references to current events in your text messages. This doesn’t mean it has to be a huge political story that you are referencing. Instead you can talk about developments in the specific niche your business is involved with.

Make your messages short and sweet. Put the most important information at the very beginning of your SMS message. This is even more essential for SMS messages than for emails or other types of marketing. This is because for an email, customers will typically give it some time while they are sitting at their computer to look it over. With an SMS message on a mobile device, chances are that they are on the go and they will only want to glance at it. Any messages that are overly complicated can be deleted instantly.

Customers really hate it when they receive advertisements that they feel they should not be getting. Always be upfront with them about their opportunity to unsubscribe from your messaging list. They will appreciate it that you are not intending to annoy them. Oddly enough this bit of honesty might be enough for them to stay subscribed to your mailing list.

Studies have shown that customers are more likely to take action if you implore them to do so. Tell them to do something like “buy today before it’s too late”. This gives the customer a sense of urgency and they will be more likely to actually purchase something before the deal goes away. Just a slight change in wording can go a long way.

There aren’t many ways that are better to connect with customers than by using SMS marketing. Apply the advice from this article to make sure you can used SMS marketing to its fullest potential.

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