Understanding SMS Marketing In Today’s World

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You have likely heard success stories about the use of SMS marketing to increase visibility and make sales, but may not quite understand the protocol of how to use it effectively. The truth is that anyone who can text can do the mechanics of it, but only those with some insights into how it works with individual customers will have the kind of success you have heard about. Read on for some ideas on how to get started using SMS marketing is truly effective ways.

Just the term SMS sets the stage for the first rules of marketing with this method. An acronym for “short message service” means that is exactly what is should be: a short message. Though it is tempting to cram in a lot of relevant information when you have the ear of a potential buyer, this is the easiest way to turn them off completely. Get to the point, and make what you say targeted to a need that the person may have.

Rather than text an impersonal “sound bite” type of message, put a personal spin on it. Be conversational, yet brief. Refrain from trying to sound like you are their buddy, though. They already have their own friends, and likely do not need you to pretend to be another one. Say upfront who you are and why they should keep reading. Offer a discount or special right away, then elaborate on it after the first line. If you ramble before getting to the main reason for the text, they could very well delete your message before ever knowing what you are offering.

Take advantage of current events that your customers are likely aware of, and use terminology that reflects on your business as being on the “cutting edge” and aware of things occurring in the world. For example, if the Olympics are taking place, use words that reflect a winning spirit, or say a quick congratulations to a winning team member.

Use keywords just as you do on your website and social media sites. Those who are signed up to receive texts from you are likely familiar with the basic terms used in your field of expertise, so open with a line that uses the proper keywords.

Make sure your texts contain a call to action. Give them something to act upon, rather than just something to think about later. Provide a link to where they can actually purchase what you are offering, or in the very least get more information that will be useful to them. Entice them with something they can only get if they act now.

Make it easy for people to opt out of your text messages if they want to. Don’t make them click around and seek for a way out. This will only alienate them unnecessarily. If they do opt out, say thank you for their time, and invite them to visit your website. If you have their email address, send them a quick email to acknowledge their opt-out, then offer them something special to keep them as a client.

SMS marketing can be an excellent way to have immediate contact with people, particularly a younger generation who has grown up using text messages as a vital means of communication. Use the insights here to implement your own SMS marketing plan, then enjoy the process.

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