Looking to Pass the Police Examination

Police Oral Board Interview

When it comes to attempting to pass the police exam, before you even set foot in the location to take the exam, you need to be mentally prepared to pass. If you show up unprepared, you’re only making it significantly more difficult for you and you have to question if you really want it then. However, if you show up prepared, then you can walk in with confidence that you have prepared yourself and are determined to pass (whether it be the first time or not).

There are lots of people, both men and women, who are lining up to take the exam and join the police academy. What makes you so special as to get the nod to join the group who gets accepted? That’s a valid question you should be asking yourself. Not everyone gets accepted into a police academy. As a matter of fact, most don’t get accepted at all. But, is that because the exam is too difficult for most people or that most people aren’t really taking the exam very seriously? I advise you to err on the side of caution and show up very well prepared!

A few tips when taking the police academy test:

1) Don’t rush the exam. Remember, if you’re serious about passing it and pursuing the occupation of being a police officer, ie you’re passionate about it, then take your time (within reason) and answer the questions to the best of your ability without rushing through it.

2) Don’t show up unprepared! Assume EVERYONE else has studied until the early hours and you want to be prepared to answer ALL questions that come your way. The better prepared you are, the more calm you’ll be thus answering each question with ease.

3) Don’t go in with the mindset of “just passing” or getting an “average score”. Strive to be above and beyond the minimum the police department are looking for. As the old cliche goes, shoot for the stars and you just may hit the sky!

Best of luck!

Police Exam Guide - How To Pass The Police Test