Tips on Passing the Police Written Test

Police Oral Board Interview

When it comes to trying to pass the police written exam, you will only do yourself a favor if you come prepared. There are many different aspects to passing the overall police test and the written exam is an important part of the process. The oral exam is also very important and the 2 combined will help determine if you become a police officer or are sent packing and being denied access to becoming a police officer.

While it’s very possible to pass the written exam, it’s intentionally designed to be challenging, as you’d expect. If it seems difficult to you, that’s because the exam was, at least in part, designed to weed out those who are not serious about becoming a police officer. Therefore, those who do study and take it seriously are more likely to be serious about becoming a police officer. If you decide you are serious about becoming a police man (or woman) then it’s in your best interest to study hard and take this part of the exam seriously…of course, take the entire exam seriously too!

You can expect to be tested on basic math and reading skills as well as comprehension, retention of information and even problem solving skills. If you put yourself in the mind of a police officer, someone who needs to react to unique situations that often require analytical and comprehension skills then you’ll already be far ahead of the average applicant who doesn’t spend time studying or taking the test seriously.

Seek out some study guides that pertain to your local or state police exams. Often times, if you can study a bit before hand by taking pro-active steps then you’ll more likely be prepared for the exam over someone who simply shows up unprepared. Decide firsthand if you are serious about becoming a police officer and if so, study study study and be prepared!

Police Exam Guide - How To Pass The Police Test