How to Create Better Videos on Snapchat

Snapchat Marketing

Snapchat allows you to use both photos and videos to send to your friends, family or list of followers. While both have their advantages, you could arguably make the case that video has more potential for business and that it will be better for creating something engaging and persuasive.

But of course Snapchat video is only as good as the videographer – which in this case is you! The question is: how do you go about creating something on Snapchat that will be fun, engaging and professional looking instead of something that’s awkward, grainy and kind of embarrassing? Follow these tips and we’ll look at how to create stellar, professional Snapchat video content!

Invest in a Good Mobile Phone

It’s got to the point now where you can’t be a digital marketer and not have a great smartphone. Smartphones are crucial for updating your WordPress blog and updating people on Twitter – but now it has become even more important for creating live video, for taking photos for Instagram and for making Snapchat content. A good camera phone is what will dictate the quality of your story – so don’t cut this corner!

Find a Good Angle

It’s worth playing around with the front-facing camera a little to find what the most flattering angle is for your face. At the same time, you equally need to make sure you’re holding the device the correct distance from your face and that you’re being picked up by the mic well. Try making some video for yourself with the front-=facing camera and then comparing what the different angles and positions do for you!

Find the Right Spot

This is particularly important. If you’re walking down the road then make sure that you aren’t too near to busy traffic or noisy crowds. Likewise, if you’re filming in your home then try and stand near the window but make sure the window is well positioned to light your face from one side. This is called ‘Rembrandt’ lighting and it’s the most flattering way to light your face on camera. Brightness and lighting is just as important for video quality as your camera!

Use Filters the Right Amount

If you are using filters all the time, then it can be distracting and ultimately look a little unprofessional. There’s a video of the Rock (Dwayne Johnson) speaking with one of the new filters on and it’s hilarious. But it’s funny because it’s not something we see all the time and it’s unexpected. This is a perfect example of ‘less is more’.

Have Something to Say

This is important no matter what type of content you’re trying to make! But it’s actually particularly important with Snapchat because you are interrupting your audience’s day in order to alert them to your message. If it becomes instantly apparent that you haven’t put any thought into what you’re going to say, then you’ll find that your audience quickly becomes frustrated. Have a rough plan and discard anything that isn’t engaging or captivating.

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