Surfing Wetsuits

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Surfing wetsuits have come a long way getting better and better every day. If at the beginning of the wetsuits manufacturing industry they were mainly consisting of two pieces of clothing, things are pretty different nowadays. Very often suits that are purchased for other purposes such as scuba diving for instance, can also meet the needs of a surfer. First and foremost, the surfing wetsuits have to fit their users right, otherwise water will flow in the loose spaces and you can say good bye to the warmth and dryness of your skin. If the surfing wetsuits are too tight, you’ll feel like your moving capacity is reduced, and this is not good either.

The thickness of the surfing wetsuits is another element worth considering. The choice here is influenced by the kind of waters you are surfing on and the season too. Even in warm waters changes of temperature do occur from one season to another depending on the ocean currents and the storms that create the swell. The most frequently used are the 3mm / 4mm thick suits but the 2mm / 3mm ones work well too. Surfing wetsuits have the advantage of a special cut free of the possibly bothersome seams that could cause one rashes when paddling for hours.

Surfing wetsuits come in a variety of cuts from the short-sleeved models to the full or hooded ones. Complementary apparel items here are the booties and the gloves meant to keep you warm and help you resist when the water temperature is pretty low. If you go surfing in an area where the weather suffers dramatic changes in short periods of time, it is advisable that you have several types of wetsuits, that could be even matching different surfboards. The material that makes the wetsuits so special is neoprene, keeping the skin dry and warm when you are out in the ocean.

One of the most important parts of the surfing wetsuits is the collar that has to be snug in order to prevent the water from entering freely and ruining all the comfort. The price tag could very well influence you choice, but the thing is that you will always get what you pay for, a cheap product will usually be disappointing it terms of quality. Without any inclination for luxury, you should go for decent but not cheap prices for surfing wetsuits. They will provide protection and movement ease in a variety of conditions.

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