Hawaii Surfing

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An important part of the Polynesian culture, Hawaii surfing used to be a privileged activity of the royalty in the old times. Living with the best waves all year round was a common fact in these islands, and the sport came to be made popular in the 1920s when it was brought to the public attention by the Olympic swimmer Duke Kahanamoku. And it has definitely come a long way ever since. Hawaii surfing waves are specific to the two seasons, the biggest are registered on the North shores in winter between November and March, when the ocean storms from Alaska hit the coasts of Hawaii.

Hawaii surfing is not possible on the North shores during the summer months since the waves are as flat as glass. The South shores are now the most rewarding, with tropical storms bringing some very good waves too, though not as incredible as those on the North part of the islands. Hawaii surfing definitely attracts thousands of tourists all year round, being a favorite location for other water sports fans. Oahu is for instance the destination for anyone eager to take part to some highly spectacular Hawaii surfing championships. Then, the Banzai Pipeline is another touristic surfing attraction, since here you will find the most famous surfing break with beautiful crests and some marvelous tubes.

Beginners who want to try Hawaii surfing should go to Waikiki Beach, this is the main location to try in summer time, whereas during winter less professional surfers should take Kauai or Kalapaki Beach as their first destination. Challenging experiences are also available with the monster waves of Kealia Beach where you are very likely to encounter some of the most famous surfers in the world. The best term to describe the kind of Hawaii surfing specific to the winter months is “rough”.

Last but not least, Hawaii surfing isn’t exactly the cheapest type of recreational activity you could get involved in. On the contrary, the luxurious resorts and the equipment renting facilities could seem a bit more or less expensive for the regular tourists depending on what you need. Even so, you can bring your surfboard and stuff with you and thus cut on the expenses. The rules of the sport apply to Hawaii surfing like to any other international location of the same kind. Make sure you know all you need about the surfing rules, before embarking on the adventure. Have fun!

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