California Surfing

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For anyone interested in water sports along the American coasts, California surfing is more than rewarding. There are huge winter swells down the coast and lots of surfers riding the mountains to catch them at their full peak. Such a California surfing adventure could be the vacation of your life, so, get yourself a car and cruise up between Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz when Santa Ana strikes. Moreover, California surfing offers a lot more opportunities besides the big winter swell: the warm weather, the quality waves for all sorts of surfers and the nice landscape and seascape make it great all year round.

The best reputed California surfing locations include Malibu, Rincon and Steamer Lane. During the autumn and the winter months, the swell is five feet high but the water temperature doesn’t get higher than 21┬░Celsius. A good surfing equipment that preserves the body temperature by its insulation properties is an absolute must for any surfer. No matter how close you want to feel to the ocean, its breath can be really chilling at times. Plus, go ride the waves when you know you are prepared for it, not one second before. Why risk if you don’t feel the call of it?

There are times when California surfing forecast indicates very little swell, so it is highly advisable that you listen to the surf weather forecasting for this part of USA before launching for an expedition. Sometimes the waves are just knee high on certain beaches while on others they get up to the waist or even chest. Consequently, California surfing sometimes looks great in posters and in videos; nevertheless even so, the beaches are so beautiful, the water warm and clean that it is a true pleasure to enjoy such moments fully and completely. Either way you have something to win!

The great advantage about California surfing is that you can move along the cost, preferably ready to camp somewhere in order to get a great swell. Making reservations at a motel or something like that usually doesn’t work since the swell and the bookings very seldom match. A camper van could be great for the matter, as you have all the flexibility on the road and the means to get to the next location when you hear about a good swell. Whether you choose the San Francisco Bay, the Humboldt County or the Santa Cruz beach, you’ll surely have fun! Enjoy every moment!

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