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Having a great website is crucial to any serious business owner these days, and fortunately it is not hard to do. Web design has come a long way and is more obtainable than ever before. Whether you plan to design a site for yourself or are a professional creating an online presence for clients, there are a few simple things you can do to make the site more appealing. More and more, visitors expect the ability to utilize interactive features of a website, so read on for some ideas on how to incorporate these things into your site design.

Particularly if your website has multiple pages or if you carry a lot of products, a site search feature will be much appreciated by visitors. Though some people will come to browse through all you have to offer, there will likely be a large percentage of visitors who come for a specific product or bit of information.

If they have to comb through multiple pages looking for this, there is a high probability that they will just click out and go to another website. Put a search bar at the top of every page of your website and make it prominent, as well as very easy to use.

If you have large amounts of information that could benefit your clients, consider offering it for downloading via an eBook or a PDF file. You may be able to make some money from this, but offering it free could be a better choice in the long run.

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If the content puts your products or services in a good light and informs the potential buyer, you will win by enlightening them. Just make sure that you incorporate your business name into the content and provide specific links to where they can order what you have to sell.

Allow your site visitors to engage in ongoing conversations of topics of interest to them and in which you have expertise. Create discussion forums, message boards and sections for comments at the end of articles or blogs. Encourage participation, and always respond to comments or questions made by those who take the time to write. These are potential clients and they are indicating a desire to communicate with you, so make it easy for them to do so.

Create ways for people to become members of your community and to register for updates. Require email addresses fro communication, but assure them that you will not abuse the personal information or sell it to anyone else. If you plan to do this, always disclose it up front. Allow visitors to subscribe to news feeds, which can be easy if you use features such as RSS.

Start a blog on your website and use it to provide a more personal side of your business. This does not mean that you need to tell them about your family, your beliefs or your hobbies. It does, however, give you a chance to talk about how your products or services have helped you or others who have used them. Post blogs often, at least twice per week, and make them relevant and engaging. Encourage people to tell their own stories about how they have benefited from what you sell

Use the techniques here to engage with your customers in new ways and to show them that you value their business. Using every tool available is the sign of a wise business owner, so start today and watch your business thrive.

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