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If you compare some of the very first web pages with current ones you will be amazed at just how far web design has come in just a few years. Gone are the blocky pages of text that took forever to load. Many sites have turned to adding interactivity to their pages in order to help them stand out from the masses. You may be considering this step as well. By including interactive elements in your page you can help visitors find and process information more quickly, a must in today’s culture.

One of the simplest additions to your site is a search box. This is especially important if your site has many articles, or just a lot of content in general. This will allow visitors for the specific terms they are looking for so that they can find them more quickly. There are many pre-written codes out there that you can easily customize to search your site. It is something that is small, but can add a lot of usability to your site.

If your business offers any sort of publication, consider offering a digital version as well. Even if it is a simple eBook generated from the same content it will give you an advantage over competitors. Many consumers see digital as more eco-friendly, more convenient, and keeps them from having to wait for the item to be shipped. Since there are less costs involved, be sure to pass along these savings to your digital customers.

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Give your customers a forum where they can interact with both your staff and each other. This allows them a simple way to get in touch with you, and other customers may even help them solve their issue for you. This will help build a sense of a community that is centered around your business.

Offer to send out email updates whenever a new product or promotion is run. You need to keep this simple, just a name and email is plenty of information to build your list. Offering these subscriptions through the social media can get you exposure on those sites as well. Just don’t get too personal with your questions, or allow people to answer only as much as they are comfortable with.

You can also use news feeds and blogs to stay in touch with your customers. You can use this as an opportunity to roll out new products and promos, as well as showing your customers your industry knowledge. You may even get more business if you offer a simple how-to article about the product. Make sure to allow visitors to subscribe and add frequent updates to maximize the impact of your blog.

The standards for what makes a great website are increasing. Since there are so many options out there you need to make sure your site delivers more than the competition. Using these techniques shows you understand the needs of your customers in this super-social world. Adding just one or two of these ideas to your site will help it feel fresh and relevant.

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