Earning a Living from Web Design

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Creating websites for other people can be a lucrative business in today’s society, with almost everyone realizing the need to have an online presence. From bloggers to small businesses to educational or community groups, the potential for getting paid for web design is increasing every day. If you have skills in this area, or are considering obtaining them, there are a few things to be aware of. Read on for some ideas on how you can successfully start a web design business of your own.

A simple way to get your foot in the door of designing websites is to simply start doing it. Even if you are not being paid at first, having a portfolio of sites you have designed is the most effective way to show potential clients what you are capable of doing. In addition to developing your portfolio of work, you will also be gaining valuable experience. Every site you build gives you a chance to learn new things and to be aware of potential obstacles.

Seek out clients who need your services, and offer discounts since you are new to the field. Look for “mom and pop” businesses who have been around for a while and may not have branched out yet into the world of the Internet. It may take some convincing, but even if you get them to go for a one-page presence online, it will get them moving in the right direction.

Earning a Living from Web Design

They will likely start realizing the benefits and hire you to expand the site or create a much more detailed one in the future. Approach community groups, as well, or even families who would like a web presence for staying in touch and announcing family news or events. Create one for your own family first as an example. Check with small restaurants and offer to give them a simple site with their menu and directions.

Many people are just now realizing the value of having social media sites for their business, so it is a good time to get in on this trend. Offer to create Facebook pages for clients, ones that make their business stand out due to a professional design and detailed information available. Help them to understand how these venues work and how to use them to foster new business and communicate with existing clients.

Once you have some established clients, stay in touch with them and offer update ideas. Check their sites regularly to determine how they could be updated and improved. Suggest temporary holiday designs or adding video and graphics to existing pages. Websites tend to get stagnant and business owners rarely have the time or expertise to spend on their websites. That is where you come in. Point out that they will be losing credibility and potential business if there is outdated content on their pages, or if the site appears to be neglected.

These are just a few ideas for how to get started making money with web design. Try them out, and build upon them to create a system that works for you. The Internet is a huge venue and there is room for everyone, including you.

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