Carb Cycling for Getting Cut

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Carb cycling is a really good way of getting super cut for summer, yet still maintaining size, strength and still enjoying those little rewards! Carb cycling is not the proviso of the bodybuilding world as some might think, but can be used with nearly everyone who wants to cut a bit of weight.

With many of my personal training clients I have them start on a carb cycling program to really help shift stubborn fat. As a personal trainer its my job to make sure people reach their goals on time and carb cycling is a great way to do this. Many people experience really great results within a week of starting and its not unusual to see a drop of 8 pounds in 2 weeks- great for getting in shape quickly for a holiday or upcoming party etc. So how do you do it?

First of all you need to be familiar with the types of carbs you should be consuming. Whilst cycling your carbs you should aim to consume all you carb intake in either- brown rice, brown pasta or sweet potato without the skin. You need to also consume more protein on the days that you are on low carbs and less protein on your higher carb days- or at the least very lean protein such as white fish.

Below is a standard carb cycling program that I keep many of my male personal training clients on year round-

  • Monday- Low Carbs 50 grams, Protein- 300 grams
  • Tuesday- Medium Carbs 125 grams, Protein 200 Grams
  • Wednesday- High Carbs 250 grams, Protein 150 grams
  • Thursday- Low Carbs 50 grams, Protein 300 grams
  • Friday- Medium Carbs 125 grams, Protein 200 grams
  • Saturday- High Carbs 250, Protein 150 grams
  • Sunday- Off day, diet break

The diet Break at the end of the week really help keep people on the diet long term as its the one day a week where they can go wild within reason! I make sure all my personal training clients consume plenty of fibrous carbs each day in the form of brocolli, cabbage sprouts and kale- these are not counted in the carb allowance.

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