Carb Cycling to Burn Fat

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Is carbohydrate cycling really an effective diet plan to get abs of steel? If you want to know how to get abs and muscles then this article will change your views on dieting and show you one of the most effective ways to burn that extra body fat.

Did you know that when you diet your metabolic rate actually slows down so your body burns less fat? The most effective way to burn that extra fat is through carbohydrate cycling because it actually tricks your body into thinking that it is not on a diet and your metabolic rate does not slow down.

Instead of actually cycling some people will just take breaks from their diets instead of using the real system. However it is much more effective to use the carbohydrate cycling diet to get sexy washboard abs.

This is how it all works so give it a try and you will see the difference that it can make. Your diet is going to be mostly low carb days but the high carb days is when you will do you most demanding workout.

The reason for this is that your muscles are going to burn up all the carbs from your intense workout instead of them turning to fat.

Making this day a high carb day will also give you the energy to do your intense workout plus it will help your muscles with recovery. You should also keep your high carb days low in fat.

If your fat intake is too high your body will put an extra fat that cannot be burned up into storage instead. You should have a balanced carb to fat diet and this will help balance your calorie intake as well.

Keep track of your calorie intake. You need to keep track of daily and weekly calorie intake and make sure your high calorie days fall on the same day as your most intense workout.

By keeping track of your weekly calorie intake you will know how many calories to intake on moderate workout days. You need to make your non workout days very low in calories so you will keep losing weight.

If you really want to lose weight and reveal your abs of steel you need to make sure that your weekly calorie intake is low enough to lose weight but not so low that you start to lose muscle. Done right the carb cycling diet is very effective for losing weight and getting ripped abs of steel.

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