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The world of entertainment is vast and varied. In this world you will find many different styles ranging from live action entertainment to that of animated figures. These animated figures can be divided into two segments. The traditional cartoon hand drawn figures or that of the computer generated figures. While you will find many types of animation which uses both of these styles of creation the different animes are ones which are rapidly capturing the imagination of many people.

When you hear people referring to animes in general they are speaking about the popular animation programs which seem to have some Japanese element to them. The reason for this Japanese influence is because many of these animated shows have a Japanese background to them.

This may not be apparent when you see the body shape and style of the characters that are portrayed in animes. If you look carefully there are times when the culture and Japanese way of living are clearly shown. A few examples of this would be the popular Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z anime series.

In these while the characters appear to be from other countries or even worlds the living style of Japan. Other than seeing animes which are influenced by Japanese culture there are others that we may be familiar with. These styles will include Mickey Mouse, Betty Boop and even Bambi. While these three cartoons are not considered as being part of the anime genre, you can see some resemblances.

There is one item that you need to understand when you are talking about anime. This is the simple fact that not all of the anime style animations are in fact animes. These anime replicas have caught onto the popularity which can be seen with different anime programs.

The sources for these animes can be found in manga stories and also from light novels. Stories and events from other cultures will also influence the storyline of animes. To make people more aware of these fascinating animated stories you can find many of the popular animes in DVD formats, video games, video player formats “VHS” and you can even find some of these animes available as video games.

With such a wide range of products to promote the pure enjoyment that you can get from animes you will understand why there are so many different shows which promote this type of animation. The best thing that you can say about animes is that this style of drawing is that you gain a new appreciation for the world of animation.

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