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Drawing Cartoons

Drawing cartoons isn’t difficult. In fact, the technique is somewhat secondary to the plot. If you don’t have a good plot, even the best drawing technique isn’t going to be of much help. On the other hand, a good plot will keep people interested, even if you aren’t so skilled at drawing cartoons. Of course,…

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Cartoon Drawings

Cartoon drawings are fun. There’s something about cartoons that is magical. At least I think so. When I was a child, I used to watch cartoons. I remember that sometimes my parents made us watch children movies that had real actors instead of cartoons. How I hated them! I was bored to death and I…

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How to Draw Comics

For the aspiring cartoonist there are many mediums in which you can express yourself in. The main facts that should be seen when you want to learn to be a cartoonist is how to draw comics. As there is so much action occurring in the various scenes of cartoons you should be able to draw…

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