How to Draw Comics

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For the aspiring cartoonist there are many mediums in which you can express yourself in. The main facts that should be seen when you want to learn to be a cartoonist is how to draw comics. As there is so much action occurring in the various scenes of cartoons you should be able to draw these types of scenes without losing any of the action or expressions of the characters.

You will need to study the various drawings of cartoon character and see if you have the ability to reproduce these figures in different poses and situations. You should be able to convey the action and the feelings of the comic characters so that anyone who looks at these efforts of yours will be able to identify what is happening in your picture.

The main fact that you will need to remember is not to expect professional results in the very beginning of your drawing career. At this point you will need to look at the different drawings that have been made by professionals. From the many details that are shown in the comics you will gain an idea of how to draw comics like these.

You should start by looking at the various comic book characters. From these you will be able to see how these people are drawn. You can try to draw these various figures. Your figures should carry all of the details of the comic book figures that you are using as a guide.

From these guide pictures you will need to develop your own style of drawing. When you are comfortable drawing a moving figure, you will need to add some details to make the movement look realistic. The various background objects will need to be added in to make your picture look better.

These are just the first few facts that you will need to be comfortable with when you are learning how to draw comics. As many artists can tell you, the first drawings of your entire scene will need to start out as a rough drawing in pencil. This way you can erase any mistakes or unwanted lines.

As you become better at drawing your sketch lines will only be where you need them. Once you have drawn the entire scene that you require, you should remove all excess outlines fully. When you are seeing how to draw comics so that they look professional you will see that the professional comic artists have outlined their comic book artwork in black ink.

By practicing with different figure drawings, coloring of the scenes and different black ink you will learn how to draw comics that look as great as the ones created by professional. You will need to hone your drawing talents before you contact any comic company for job prospects.

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