Can You Cure Hot Tub Folliculitis?

Folliculitis Doctor

Folliculitis is becoming more and more common and as it turns out, most folks don’t ever realize they have or had it as it can often go away on its own. So, you might be asking, “what is folliculitis?”. Folliculitis is a red, rash-like condition on the surface of the skin or more frankly, an inflammation of the hair follicles. It not only appears almost acne-like but can be very itchy too. As far as the cause, there are many reasons for it but usually it’s a result of a fungus or yeast infection that aggravates the follicles of the hair.

While there are a range of causes, including more severe medical conditions such as diabetes, one way you can get folliculitis that most folks wouldn’t think of is from hot tubs and swimming pools, particularly those that do not have enough chlorine to kill off such bacteria. This is particuarly true in public hot tubs and swimming pools such as those you might find in a gym where dozens, if not hundreds of people are sharing the same water.

As far as treating folliculitis caused from a hot tub, or however you obtained this affliction, you can simply visit your doctor and get prescribed an over the counter cream or ointment but you could also seek out more natural treatments or readily available facial creams from any drug store or chemist.

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