Treating Scalp Folliculitis

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Folliculitis, generally speaking, is an inflammation of the hair follicles and can happen pretty much anywhere on the body. Although folliculitis usually happens around the legs, chest and/or back, one can also get scalp folliculitis. The way to identify folliculitis is by the red, puffy, sometimes puss-filled bumps at the base of hair follicles. They are often itchy so if left untreated, not only can they look unsightly, therefore causing embarassment by the sufferer, but can potentially cause scarring if scratched too much.

Most people are baffled as to how they got folliculitis in the first place. Actually, most people probably don’t even realize what they have to begin with but once identified, the next question is “how did I get this?”. Folliculitis is generally caused by a bacteria or yeast infection. Excessive sweating or heat and humidity as well as certain health problems like diabetes can also cause folliculitis.

The best course of action is to do one of two things at least. Firstly, you can try doing some research online as there are many medical-related websites online that could help you with a natural solution but if you’re not the type to do online research yourself, you could always visit your doctor who could prescribe you with a cream or ointment to rid yourself of folliculitis. Just be sure to enquire about any adverse side effects if you go the prescription route.

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