Treating Folliculitis

Folliculitis Doctor

Most skin condition can be uncomfortable not to mention unsightly. In the case of folliculitis it is often the bumpy inflammation of the hair follicles combines with itching that makes this skin complaint one that can get you down. But the good news is that is it easy treated and can stay at bay providing you take the appropriate measures.

The main cause of folliculitis is said to be down to some kind of irritation of the hair follicles. This may be as a result of using a certain skin product such as a cream, lotion or even foam and perhaps even friction caused by tight fitting clothes. The hair follicles then become disturbed and this in turn can lead to infection. Overheating can aggravate the condition even more causing the skin to itch. Scratching of course only emphasises the redness and causes the appearance of the skin to look worse.

In the majority of diagnosed cases of folliculitis the red spots, typical of the condition can be treated with prescribed drugs and medication. On examination the doctor will determine whether the infection is fungal or bacterial. Antibiotic ointments and anti-fungal creams are usually all that is needed to clear up the bumpy and sometimes infection spots.

For those who prefer natural treatment it may be a question of avoiding certain clothing and skin products, changes ones diet or eliminating the underlying factor which is causing the problem in the first instance.

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