What Is Folliculitis and How Is It Treated?

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Folliculitis is a skin condition where the follicle is inflammed due to some form of bacteria or infection. It can appear almost anywhere on the body but it usually appears on the legs, chest, or back. This is usually caused by a type of fungus such as Staphylococcus and there can be many different sources for obtaining the fungus.

While some folks may think folliculitis comes about due to poor health or “being dirty” but this isn’t necessarily the case. Both unhealthy and very fit people can obtain a folliculitis type rash. So, it’s not so much about how clean one is or isn’t. Folliculitis can cause itchiness and general (but not serious) discomfort. It’s important not to constantly scratch at the red bumps as you could cause scarring. If you have folliculitis on areas of the skin that are visible to others, such as the arms or legs, then it can also become a source of embarrassment.

So, how does one get folliculitis, you might be wondering? Often times, people get it from shaving or wearing tight clothign where friction causes irritation of the skin which can then make it susceptible to fungal infection of the follicles. If your follicles are susceptible, you can even obtain folliculitis from a hot tub or swimming pool that doesn’t have enough chlorine to kill the bacteria from other people.

As far as treatment, most people use prescription creams or ointments but there are oral medications too. If you do visit your doctor for advice, you can ask for more natural remedies if you prefer not to take prescription drugs, as most folks may not want to go that route.

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