Make a List of Go-To Convenience Foods

The Paleo Tool Kit

Even the most prepared people find that sometimes they’re out and about, hungry, and don’t have any snacks on them. Keep a list on your phone, in your purse, or in your wallet of snacks that will work and are convenient.

Some ideas include deli meat, bananas, apples, beef jerky, nuts, hard boiled eggs, and dried fruit. A salad without processed dressing can also be good – try squeezing a lemon on it for flavor.

You might also consider a can of tuna, Larabars (a commercial snack bar made from dates), guacamole and fresh veggies, and even a few squares of dark chocolate.

Eating out isn’t ideal when following the Paleo lifestyle, but you can do it from time to time without straying from good health. Just don’t be afraid to order your meal customized for your plan – they’re used to special requests.

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