Time to Make a Paleo Diet Plan

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When you’re getting started with this new way of eating, it really helps to have a plan. How you plan depends on what works best for you. But at the very least you should have a weekly meal plan.

This makes it easy to know what you’re going to eat for your meals rather than having to make last minute choices that could throw you off track. Some people even prefer to plan further out – such as a 2 week or even one month plan.

For each day of your plan, you should have a breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snack options. You may not always stick perfectly to your plan, but having one will help you adhere to the Paleo diet most of the time.

One of the greatest causes of failure is not being prepared, so this one step could mean the difference between success and failure. But once you’ve decided what to eat, you need to make sure you actually have what you need on hand.

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