Overcoming Paleo Challenges

The Paleo Tool Kit

While in many ways, this program is simple to follow, it’s not without its challenges. The greatest challenge comes from not having the ability to run into the gas station or a typical fast food restaurant when you need a convenient bite to eat.

You’ll be eliminating processed foods and for some people, that takes away a lot of the convenience and requires much more food preparation than they’re used to.

This diet can also cause you to increase your food budget. The processed foods that aren’t allowed on this plan tend to be much less expensive than organic or grass-fed products.

However, you’ll find that you get that investment back in good health and fewer medical bills. You may also have challenges when you’re dealing with the temptations of the office break room, a potluck dinner, and attending holiday parties.

But as you get past the first month or two of the program, those temptations become fewer. No matter what the challenge is, careful planning can help you have a better experience with getting started and with sticking to the program.

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