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PS3 Light Fix Guide

PS3 light fix guide is the number one self fix guide online for repairing a broken ps3 console. Ps3 light fix was written by Rob Sheffield, a certified ps3 repairman, who has seen everything that can go wrong with a ps3 gaming station. Why send your ps3 back to Sony when you will have to…

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PS3 Light Fix

The Yellow Light of Death (YLOD) can be one of the most annoying encounters on a PS3. That PS3 that you spent hundreds of dollars on is now defective. But, of cause like other electronics, the PS3 can be fixed, with a little time and patience. Just follow along with me and I will do…

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PS3 Red Light Fix

Did you recently stop gaming with your playstation 3 because your gaming console has the red light of death? Most people get so frustrated when they see this that their first reaction is to send the console into sony. Im telling you right now do not do this. I almost made that mistake but did…

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