Fix the Yellow and Red Light of Death Yourself

PS3 Lights Repair

Did your ps3 recently stop working due to the yellow light of death? Well don’t stress you can easily fix this problem by yourself. As many people lose their mind when thiere ps3 breaks down I laugh. Why? Because with the new ps3 light fix guide most any repair on the ps3 gaming console can be fixed within a couple hours. Yeah it may take 2 hours out of your day but this compares to spending around $150 in repair fees.

If you send your console in for repair you will also be waiting around 4-6 weeks until your ps3 is finished and shipped back. The ps3 light fix guide was written by Rob Sheffield, a certified ps3 repairman who has been in the field since the ps3 was released on the market. Check out ps3 light fix for yourself.

After you purchase the ps3 light fix guide you are helped to identify the repair that is necessary for your broken ps3. You then will see the well constructed repair and you can begin working. The guide also includes high definition videos and full color pictures to better assist you on your repair. If you still cant get your playstation 3 to work you are granted 24/7 support to help you bring your repair to an end. The average fix time for a repair is around 2 hours.

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