How to Permanently Fix the Red Light Problem on Your Ps3 Today

PS3 Lights Repair

The Red Light problem on the PS3 appears to be a wide spread issue affecting countless PS3 users. Many users are puzzled as to why this problem struck them; many are dedicated Sony users and didn’t believe their PS3 could be struck down with the PS3 Red Light problem. It is hard to say what causes the PS3 Red Light, however we can provide you with some tips that could get rid of the Red Light problem:

1. Check if there’s a loose cable. If not, restart your console.
2. Unplug all cables except the power cord, and plug them back in.
3. If that didn’t work, then try to take out the hard-drive, and put it back in.

This may have worked; if it did, great! You can now get back to what you enjoy best: gaming. However, if these tips didn’t work, then keep reading because you can fix your PS3 and get it back to life. Now, you have a few options to get your PS3 repaired. You could send it off to Sony or a repair shop to repair your PS3, however this isn’t the most economical or quickest option, as Sony and the repair shops:

1. Take $150-$200 out of your pocket, even when it is a mechanical error on their part
2. Take up to 6 weeks to repair the Red Light Problem
3. Make sure that all data on the PS3 is WIPED OFF!

And I am 100% sure you don’t want all your games wiped off your PS3’s hard drive, do you?

BUT, there is an alternative option available to you. This option involves NOT waiting for 6 weeks and NOT forking out $150 + postage for repairs. And this is by doing it yourself. You may think doing-it-yourself is very difficult and should only be attempted by the professionals. But this is not the case. We have narrowed down your search and located a PS3 repair program that does exactly that. You do not have to be a professional, and they even state that a middle aged mom fixed the PS3 Red Light problem! How’s that for convenience? The benefits of this guide over sending it to Sony:

1. No need to fork out $150-$200 in repair fees
2. No need to wait 6 weeks for repairs
3. It’s safe, quick and easy
4. You can recover all your info

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