Qigong Chi

Qigong Power Training System

If you are new to martial art, you may not have understood what it is all about qigong chi. Let’s have a look at the name itself and try to understand what qigong chi means. Qi means energy. Chi also means energy. So, in essence, we talk about a lot of energy here. Gong means work. So Qigong Chi means energy work. If you have a little exposure to human energy and Reiki, you will have no hard time understanding this concept. The eastern martial art is all about directing the energy within you and using it for self discipline. Qigong chi is one such way of dealing with your internal energy.

Qigong chi has been around for 5,000 years now and it has been originated from China. This discipline was first used as a healthcare practice for keeping body functioning at its optimum. By the 21st century, qigong chi has been adopted by western countries with many variations. Although this was used as a core mediation technique by the ancient Chinese people, now qigong chi is more of a martial art practiced by students around the globe. Qigong chi has lost is healthcare and meditation focus as it has been adopted to match the fast living world that we have around.

There are many benefits of qigong chi. These were known to ancient Chinese people and now they are being rediscovered by the Webster cultures. The most prominent benefit from qigong chi is the balance between the mind and the body. This helps the busy people from getting depressed and also gives physical exercises to the body. The entire process helps people to experience mindful sex and peak in sports. This martial art technique is said to be a good treatment ranging from daily stress to cancer.

Although this technique is a core practice for meditation and mindfulness, the versions of qigong chi can be practiced focusing different things. As an example, there are millions of people in China and other parts of the word who use this technique as a daily exercise. People gather to a public place such as a park and start following qigong chi movements. These events take place every morning in the public parks. Most of such exercise sessions are free of charge, so everyone can go and join these sessions. This martial art discipline does not have any age barriers in place, so it is a discipline that can be practiced by everyone in every age.

Qigong For Happiness, Health And Vitality