Qigong for Stress

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Qigong has a history of over 5,000 years. It has been around this many years as it was delivering the results that it was supposed to be delivering. If you are not aware of what qigong is, let me introduce you quickly.

Qigong is a martial art which is a part of traditional Chinese healthcare practice. As a result of qigong, the followers get to keep the mental and physical balance in them. Qigong make sure that out energy paths are intact and the energy flow is not disturbed. In addition, it stimulates the energy within and makes the followers focused and spirited.

One of the key features of qigong is its use for stress relief. This feature has been one of the mainstream outcomes where qigong had the upper hand over the other martial art disciplines. Let’s have a look at how qigong for stress can be used.

There are three prominent elements when it comes to qigong for stress. When these three elements are practiced frequently, they stimulate the body and mind and take the both into a perfect harmony. This is what create the de-stress element within the follower and make their mind relaxed.

Element 1: Breathing – There are many breathing exercises in qigong. When it comes to qigong for stress, breathing exercises lets the stress go. This is basically done by connecting rhythmic breathing with the movements. As an example, abdomen breathing is the perfect exercise for connecting breathing to the movements of the body. When the mind is focused on these movements, it starts the de-stressing process. In this process, which is the connection between the breathing and movements, body releases the hormones that help the relaxation and rejuvenation.

Element 2: Movement – This is again one of the key elements of qigong. You can have four movement types such as, moving, seated, stationary, and standing. The qigong exercises are performed in one of these movements all the time. When it comes to qigong for stress, having a good idea about the movements that help you to get rid of the stress is always helpful. The qigong followers get the opportunity to contract and expand the body muscles in a rhythmic way and that helps the objective of qigong for stress.

Element 3: Focus – As we have already emphasized, the qigong exercises teach you to build the skill of mental focus. This is the most important factor when it comes to qigong for stress. This technique not only ensures that you get the qigong for stress objectives achieved, but also it teaches you to live distraction free.

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