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Tai chi qigong are two words that go hand in hand. You may be have used the term being used in different ways. Some people use them as two different words while others use it as one word. So let’s explore what tai chi qigong is all about.

Tai chi qigong refer to some traditional Chinese exercises based on free movements of the body. The basic concept is that in our bodies we have identified energy pathways known as meridians. The chi energy runs through these meridians and if at any given point, if the meridians are blocked, the Chinese believed that we will become ill. So in essence, the purpose behind engaging in tai chi qigong movements is to free up the energy blocks and to ensure that the meridians operate undisturbed to keep you in good health.

Another base concept of tai chi qigong as with all other Chinese energy related concepts is the balance of yin and yang. The yin and yang are two opposing but complementary forces that help you be in balance. So another reason why tai chi qigong exercises are essential is to keep yin and yang in balance.

Now that we understand the concept behind tai chi qigong, let’s look at the exercises in order to understand more about them.

There are two approaches to tai chi qigong exercises. Some involve slow free movements while the other approach involves quick movements. The ultimate purpose of these exercises is to move the chi as it should be when the body is in perfect yin and yang balanced state. It is also common to notice tai chi qigong being coupled up with meditation and similar relaxation activities that people do to maintain and balance their mental and physical well being.

As far as objective realities and utilities of tai chi qigong are concerned, people use exercises to improve balance posture, stability (both mental and physical) flexibility and coordination. On a scientific note, studies have shown that tai chi qigong can also help build immunity against certain illnesses.

The downside to tai chi qigong exercises is that it is time consuming and it needs commitment from all individuals. Although a tai chi qigong master is likely to guide you through, it is through self motivation and determination that one could realize and release the energy blockages needed to achieve healthy state. One more disadvantage is that results may not be visible within a short period of time or may not be prominent at all. As far as physical health is concerned, there are chances that you may get muscle sprains and strains as a result of tai chi qigong exercises, too.

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