How to Sell Beats Much Easier

How to Sell Beats Online Like a Pro

Many people tend to ask me how to sell beats online in an automated way that makes beat selling seem simple and clean. Instead of using the old style of selling beats, meaning you put in a whole lot of labor and basically get nothing in return, you can use some simple yet effective tactics to start raking in the money while trying to sell beats online.

If you want to start beat selling, selling beats on the internet and making money online, you may find that it’s going to be a little bit easier than you might have first believed. Using a site like Soundclick can become very expensive, especially if you’re trying to pay for their highly priced advertisements all the time (which is the easiest way to rank for the charts, but sometimes it doesn’t bring sales in which makes it a very risky venture). You really have to have your branding in place if you expect to compete on these charts, that’s the truth. Maximizing effectiveness is all about bringing your costs down to a minimum (as close to free as you can get) while still promoting yourself effectively and without annoying your potential clients.

The best way to sell beats online effectively is to use SEO mixed with article marketing. These are both free methods of gaining highly targeted will-buy kind of traffic. Achieving high ranks in search engines such as Google is easy to do and can be done using article marketing to its full potential. The thing is, you’ll have to do an insane amount of work (at first) if you want to achieve some great results using SEO. Quite frankly, it’s more work than most people are willing to put in… Especially with the amount of research you must do in order to optimize your campaign from the start.

First you need an article spinner. I use Unique Article Wizard but the price is monthly and it’s sort of expensive. There are free article spinners to be found online, and many of them aren’t half bad. Once you’ve found one, you need to write articles, spin them and distribute a newly spun article to every article submission site which you can come across. For you this is music blogs and article directories. Also, make sure the articles you write are related to your niche (buying beats) and don’t hold back on quality.

Building back links is the way to go if you want to rank for the SEO charts on Google, and to do that all you need to do is submit your articles! But also make sure that the article links to your site in the resource box and the link should be an anchor text… Meaning if you want to rank for the keyword ‘buy beats’, be sure to make ‘buy beats’ the anchor texts for your beat selling article.

When you write your articles, also include lots of LSI keywords. This means keywords related to your main keyword but not the same. For instance, LSI keywords for ‘buy beats’ would be ‘purchase beats’, ‘buying beats’, ‘how to buy beats’, etc.

Find a list online of the top 30 or 50 article submission sites and get to work. You’re not going to see much happening at first in terms of traffic, but it’s a great way to sustainably build your business and traffic score, slowly but surely. Not to mention that getting a top 5 spot in Google for some competitive keywords is a great way to really make money online.

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