Sell Beats Online Where to Start

How to Sell Beats Online Like a Pro

This article is going to explain how to start up a beat selling system. If you are already at the stage of wanting to sell your beats than that means you believe your beats are hot enough to sell. We will not talk about how to make beats in this article.

The first tip in this whole process is that you should come in with around 50 beats ready to sell. 50 is a good amount because it will give a good selection for an artist to choose from. If you make all different types of beats than that is even better and will get you a sale even faster because you are in a market that is much wider.

You need to understand that selling beats online is a business. It’s not hustling some beats online for pocket change. If that is the way that you see this whole system, you won’t last long. Become familiar with how business’s work and continue to flourish over time. It comes down to studying and researching things that make a business succeed, especially online. Online is totally different than offline because more marketing is involved.

Marketing is pretty simple but might seem intense. Marketing really means how people will see your business, product and image. It’s the overall image of your whole business.

When starting out, don’t worry about marketing too much yet. You need a better understand of how money is made online by selling beats.

You will need a website to host your beats on. You can use third-party sites that have lots of producers selling beats. These sites are good to use because they already have traffic coming into their system. That’s a bonus for you because that is half of the battle cut down already.

Having your own site is ideal and what the end result should be. Although make your own site is not needed at the beginning and we actually would advise you not to do it. Only being your site when you have a deep understanding of how to sell beats online. Jumping in too quickly will lead you to finding out later that your site is missing lots of components.

Determine what price range you want to sell your beats at. A good solid range is between $19.95 and $24.95. Your beats must be good enough to be sold for money.

Start by putting some money into a producer account on a third party beat selling site to allow you unlimited beat uploads. Dominating these websites are simple and way easier than your own site.

Once you have a good solid foundation on a third party site, invest your earnings into another site. Maybe a sound click page would do well.

One of the last tips that is so important is make sure that you don’t take all of your earnings from selling beats and buy stuff like clothes, video games and girls. Invest your money back into your beat selling system or buy information that will teach you new things for selling beats.

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